September 2018 Free Trials

Sign up to come to one of our free trials in the first week of September!

Melody Makers

Trom Trom

Free Trial: Thur 13th September 4.30-5.15

Chug Starts: Wed 3rd October 4.30-5.15

In the Trom Trom Chug we use percussion instruments, the piano and singing to become musicians and use games, stories and movement to explore the world of music together

Musical Explorers

Trom Chova

Free Trial: Mon 17th September 4.30-5.15

Chug Starts: Mon 9th October 4.30-5.15

We go on journeys through history and around the world to discover many different and exciting genres of music, from Opera to Jazz, and Samba and Indian Raga

Keyboard Cats

Gan Chova

Free Trial: Sun 16th September 4.30-5.15

Chug Starts: Sun 7th October 4.30-5.15

This chug is a great way to foster your child's love for music, to develop their listening skills, their confidence and their musicianship. In the second half of the year we introduce basic keyboard skills. 

Keyboard Chug

Kita Aleph and Bet

Free Trial: Wed 12th September 4.30pm 

Chug Starts: Sun 7th October 5.30-6.15 

Learning to play the keyboard is a great introduction to the piano. In keyboard chug we learn to read music and play at the same time, building these two skills in parallel, which gives our young musicians the tools they need to become independent learners.

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