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Melody Makers!

Trom Trom

drum white.png

We use percussion instruments, the piano and singing to become musicians and use games, stories and movement to explore the world of music together.


We develop musical skills and knowledge at the same time as building our children's confidence and excitement for learning.

Musical Explorers!

We go on journeys throughout history and around the world to discover many different and exciting genres of music, from Opera to Jazz, and Samba to Indian Raga. 


We experience music by listening to it, talking about it and most importantly, making it!

Trom Chova

Keyboard Cats!
keyboard white.png

This chug is a gentle introduction to the keyboard without the requirement for weekly practise at home.


We have found that by introducing notation and keyboard skills slowly across the year they become more deeply understood in preparation for Kita Aleph keyboard chug!

Gan Chova

Keyboard Chug
piano white.png

Learning to play the keyboard is a great introduction to the piano, and learning as part of a group can be a really exciting process.


In keyboard chug we learn to read music and play at the same time, building these two skills in parallel, which gives our young musicians the tools they need to become independent learners.

Kita Aleph & Bet

Treble Makers
tamborine white.png

Our Treble Makers chug is a chance for you and your little one to go on a musical journey together!

Come enjoy a fun filled 40 minute session, with scarves, puppets, instruments, googly eyes,  a parachute and bubbles!

There will be plenty of songs that you know and new ones to inspire you to keep singing all week long!

Age 1 - 3

Mini Musicians

Age 2 months - 1 year

marracas white.png

Our Mini Musicians chug is a chance for you and your little one to make music together.


Even the youngest of participants are wowed by the songs, the eye contact, the different props, and they love watching the other mums and babies too!

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