Piano Lessons

We learn to read music and play the piano, using a variety of methods and resources, from workbooks, to interactive web based games as well as mini white boards and home made music bingo! We have a unique homework diary that we use to help students stay motivated and engaged in the learning process, as well as a sticker reward system for our younger students. 

Playing the piano helps to develop coordination, fine motor skills, concentration and listening skills.  Children from a very young age can have the gratification of being able to play something, however simple, with a little hard work.  Committing to a practise regime also builds discipline and helps children to become independent learners.


We have bi-annual performances so pupils have a chance to show off what they have learnt, be inspired by watching the other students perform and feel a real sense of achievement!


***Recommended to start piano lesson from kita א-ב once reading in English/Hebrew is established.


PRICE: 85 shekels for 30 min lesson or 130 shekel for a 45 min lesson, paying monthly

Singing Lessons

The voice is the most innate of all instruments and as it accompanies us everywhere it is in many respects, the most versatile.  Building good breathing technique, developing strong support and correct vocal placement are essential components in establishing consistent and beautiful singing.


With repertoire ranging from pop and musical theatre to classical music and opera, and with an equal emphasis placed on developing vocal technique and performance skills individual singing lessons are a real journey of discovery. 


***Recommended to start singing lesson from age 12


PRICE: 130 shekels for a 45 minute lesson

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