Life can be busy and our minds are often racing with lists of things to do. Being part of a choir can be a moment of calm in the madness, where for 1 hour a week you can relax and focus on listening to the sounds around you and being enveloped in the music. Singing is an empowering activity that can lift the spirits and sharpen the mind and there is nothing more rewarding than performing in a choir.


With 20 women now in the choir, singing in 3 parts the choir is still growing and we are always look for new members.


On the right you can listen to some of our recordings from our recording studio session in 2015! Since then we have broadened our repetoire and done a number of performances. 

We meet on Monday evenings at 8.15pm. 


Miri knows how to get down to business -- that is, teach us amazing choral arrangements -- but not without an amazing sense of humor. She is hugely talented and fun! Singing in Miri's choir has become the highlight of my week!

Sarah Gold Pritzker


Miri's sunny disposition, obvious talent and professionalism has helped to create our women's singing group and bring it together so much more quickly than we could have ever imagined. We all look forward to our song filled Monday nights, ending with a smile on our face and an extreme sense of accomplishment!

Mir Roskind



Ain't No Mountain

One Day More


I'll be There

To sign up for this coming term please complete the form below!

*** This term runs from Monday 11th September until Monday 11th December (13 weeks) and costs 150 shekel

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