Keyboard Chug kita א–ב

Learning to play the keyboard is a great introduction to the piano, and learning as part of a group can be a really exciting process. In keyboard chug we learn to read music and play at the same time, building these two skills in parallel, which gives our young musicians the tools they need to become independent learners.


With a maximum of six students per group and two teachers, each child will get to work on their own keyboard and progress at their own rate. As well as learning to play, we do lots of fun activities to help the children practice reading notation and to develop all round musicianship.


PRICE: 45 minute weekly session at 50 shekels per session, with a 130 shekel fee at the start of the year to cover all books and resources.


***CHILDREN MUST HAVE A KEYBOARD AT HOME TO PRACTISE ON. This chug is intended to be a gentle introduction to the keyboard but there will be assigned homework each week and the children must practise between sessions. 


My kids are having a great time at Miri's keyboard chug. They're learning to play in a structured way, but they're having a lot of fun, too. Both of my kids have learning issues, and she works extremely well with them, so that they are happy to go to chug and are excited to show me what they've learned!

Leah Goodman, Modiin

My son really enjoyed learning music with Miri in a relaxing and social chug environment. Miri has a lovely way with the children, encouraging them to learn and enjoy the music.  She promotes their development and learning with fun activities and much praise.  A lovely chug to take part in!

Gaby Steel, Modiin


Payment will be made termly.


TIMES: 5.30-6.15 on Sunday 







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Keyboard Chug