Trom Chova Chug- Musical Explorers!

We go on journeys through history and around the world to discover many different and exciting genres of music, from Opera to Jazz, and Samba to Indian Raga. 


We experience music by listening to it, talking about it and most importantly, making it! A big emphasis is put on cooperative group work and creativity and we use songs, games and stories to bring our musical journeys to life. We want to give the children a love for music and an opportunity to hear all kinds of music that they may not have come across before!


PRICE: 45 minute weekly session at 45 shekel per sessio


This chug is not currently running but keep an eye out for our next session coming up in the summer term!


My daughter asked to be in a music Chug, and when we heard about  Miri's we signed her up right away. My daughter comes home happy each week and has a new found love of music.  We recommend Miri's music Chug for any child who loves music or who simply wants to meet new friends, and learn new skills.

Devorah Friedlander








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Musical Explorers