Trom Trom Chug- Melody Makers!

In the Trom Trom Chug we use percussion instruments, the piano and singing to become musicians and use games, stories and movement to explore the world of music together.


We learn about the instruments of the orchestra, the different elements of music and become familiar with some of the great classics from Mozart to Tchaikovsky!


The children are always excited to see what musical adventures we will be going on and it is lovely to see these budding little musicians developing their listening skills and growing in confidence as the year goes on.


PRICE: 45 minute weekly sessions at 45 shekel per session. 

There are options to pay per month or per term.


TIMES: 4.30-5.15pm on Wednesdays 






My son Josh has been going to Music with Miri for the past two years and he absolutely loves it. He has learned so much about music through all the games and activities. Miri has tons of energy and really cares about the kids. I highly recommend!

Hannah Kugelman, Modiin

My daughter (3.5) loved Miri's chug this year. Miri is a wonderful educator, and created a warm environment that encouraged all the children to participate, sing along, and join in. Miri has loads of energy and warmth and her activities were fun and creative. I would definitely recommend the chug. An added bonus for me is that the chug is in English, and helped my daughter expand her English vocabulary.

Jo Cohen, Modiin




















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Melody Makers

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